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Roanoke connect has two types of billing. Many original subscribers are on a “fixed date” bill. This means their bill is generated on the 16th of each month. In November of 2018, we began to transition new subscribers to “anniversary date” billing. This means that you are billed for your service from the date of installation, and then billed on the same day thereafter.

Understanding your bill

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Most customers are used to receiving a bill for electric service after they have used their service.  But communications services, such as your cell phone bill or a DirecTV bill, almost always bill in advance of the service.  Roanoke Connect is no different for our subscribers.

For original subscribers, Roanoke Connect bills for its services whenever the services are install.  When you pay that bill, you are paying for service that begins on that day, and extends for the entire month.

As an example, if a subscribers services are installed on September 10th, the subscribers bill is paying in advance for access to the Internet from September 10th to October 9th.

your bill when your services are installed

When your services are first installed, Roanoke Connect is placing equipment in your home that could have a value greater than $750.00.  When you add the costs of time and installation equipment, the total cost to provide these services to you exceeds $1000.00.

Roanoke Connect has standard installation charges to help recoup some of these costs.  Those charges may be discounted or even waived from time to time depending upon certain promotions which may be in effect.

If you subscribe to Internet access service, you are not charged for the day your service is installed.  However, you will be charged for the first day you have the service available to you following the date of installation.