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Welcome to the home page for Roanoke Connect.  Please check back often as we are moving quickly to update our site to better serve you.  Within this site, you will find links to our subscriber agreements, information about the services we offer, coverage maps, support information and more.  Want to sign up for service?

Roanoke Connect and the services offered are collaborations between Roanoke Electric Cooperative and its subsidiary, Roanoke Connect, to benefit the Member-Owners of the Cooperative!

For support, please email us at support@roanokeconnect.com, or call us at 833.813.2220. Our support services are available 24 x 7. If your power is out, please call Roanoke Electric Cooperative at 800.358.9437 or text "OUTAGE" to 352667. If calling from a landline phone, please insert the number “1” in front of the number.



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Learn more about the Roanoke Electric Smart Grid program, Smart Grid devices, Roanoke Connect broadband and Internet services.

I received the internet in my home on March 2019. It was EVERYTHING and more than I expected. I tell everyone on my job how my life has changed for the better.”
— Janice Heckstall (Windsor, NC)