Network Status - December 1 2018

(Updating earlier post).

An issue was detected on the Roanoke Connect fiber backbone on December 1st 2018 at about 3:28 p.m. The issue was reviewed and repair crews have been dispatched to repair the fiber. Because the network is under construction, full redundancy is not yet available for the affected areas, and some subscribers have experienced intermittent outages during this time.

We expect repairs to be completed by December 2nd 2018, and Network Administration estimates all services to be restored on December 2nd. Please check back for additional details or email us at

Two More Segments Expected to Go Live in Coming Weeks

One more thing to look forward to over the holidays! Roanoke Connect’s broadband services should be functional soon and ready for installation scheduling in another two segments. We are nearing the finish line on development on one of the largest system segments to date – Segment 25 – and work is progressing nicely on Segment 21 as well.

Segment 25 consists of Taylor Mill Rd., Hwy 137, Hwy 13, Barfield Rd., Hunter Lane, and Little Island Rd., all located in Eure. Segment 21 consists of Hart Swamp Rd., Hwy 308 and Blake Dr., all in Rich Square.

We don’t yet have exact dates on when these next two segments will be live, but we will post the news as soon as we’re able to tell you. With winter approaching, we look forward to the opportunity to bring Smart Grid energy efficiencies and Internet service to you through the Roanoke Connect program.

Stay tuned, and Happy Holidays!

Another Segment Added as Broadband Network Shows Its Robustness

Another piece of the Roanoke Connect puzzle has been put into place and is ready for the scheduling of home installations. Segment 10 is the eighth segment in the network that is now functional. It covers NC Hwy 125, Sykes Lane and Old 125 Road in Halifax, North Carolina.

The continued progress on the Roanoke Connect network comes despite the massive storms that have tested the system’s robustness. The ability of Roanoke Electric's wireless network to withstand extreme weather conditions has been demonstrated during Hurricane Florence and Tropical Storm Michael. Despite the wind and rain, broadband Internet service to subscribers remained in place with virtually no downtime throughout both storms and was quickly restored in the few instances when interruptions occurred.

Call or email us to schedule installation so you can join other subscribers benefiting from Smart Grid energy savings and broadband Internet services.

Network Expansion Continues Despite Hurricane Florence

Only temporarily slowed by Hurricane Florence, we continue to expand the Roanoke Connect network to make Smart Grid and Internet services available to Roanoke Electric Cooperative's member-owners. We are pleased to report that Segment 24 is the seventh segment that is now functional and for which we are scheduling home installations. Segment 24 covers Hill Lane Road in Eure and sections of US Hwy 13 S and Corner High Road. It joins Segments 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9 as live and capable of helping you lower your energy bills and increase your connectivity. We've got work on additional segments under way, so stay tuned for new updates in the weeks ahead.

Rate of Roanoke Connect Installations Increasing

We are delighted to let you know that we are beginning to have a backlog in scheduling installations for Smart Grid and Internet connections for our member-owners.  We encourage you to contact us to ensure you are on the list to be installed as soon as our services are available in more areas.

Please check back next week for additional information.  Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day holiday.

Network Maintenance Completed

This is an update:  the network maintenance which was scheduled for today, was completed this morning.  The final updates concluded around 10 a.m.  As of the date of this post, all upgraded network components continue to show full functionality with no issues.

We want to thank everyone for their patience during this upgrade.  

Notice of Network Maintenance on August 29 2018

As a courtesy, Roanoke Electric Cooperative wants to make you aware that, as the result of a Roanoke Connect system upgrade, you may experience a five- to 15-minute interruption in your  Internet service on Wednesday, August 29th, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Any service interruption you experience should be brief; if you encounter network downtime exceeding 15-20 minutes, please call 252-209-2236.

We apologize in advance for any interruption to your service. The upgrade occurring on August 29th will enhance system communications to improve your Roanoke Connect experience over the long term.

Thank you for being a Roanoke Connect subscriber. By taking advantage of this technology, you are helping Roanoke Electric Cooperative and your fellow member-owners to reduce energy demand and hold down costs while increasing the presence of broadband internet service to improve the quality of life in northeastern North Carolina. 

August 25 2018

New segments (8 and 9) are on-line with more to come.  By the end of 2018, the Roanoke Electric Smart Grid program will be available to more than 1,000 member-owner households!  These innovative programs have the potential reduce your electric bill and help your cooperative combat the ever-increasing cost of electricity.

Are you next in line to gain access to these exciting services AND the advantages of Roanoke Connect Internet Services? Call or email us today to chat with one of our Member Services reps to learn more!