More Member-Owners in Bertie and Halifax Counties Can Subscribe for Service

The accelerated pace of Roanoke Connect network development is evidenced by this week’s activation of service in three communities in Bertie and Halifax counties.

In Bertie County, the neighborhood south of Aulander bounded by Hwy 11 South Business, Clarence Nowell Road and Charles Taylor Road now has Smart Grid and broadband Internet services available for subscribers. (This is technically known as Segment 16 in the Roanoke Connect network.)

Also in Bertie, residents can subscribe in the community south of Aulander near Charles Taylor Road and Francis Mill Road. (Segment 15)

In Halifax County, Roanoke Connect services are available to subscribers in the community south of Halifax bounded by Hwy 125, Read Farm Road, Hwy 301 and Abbey Lane. (Segment 27)

Don’t let the summer heat drive up your electric bill; contact us right away to take advantage of this opportunity to make your home more energy efficient with Roanoke Connect’s Smart Grid services.

Roanoke Connect Support Is Now Available 24 x 7

Roanoke Connect is pleased to announce that support for Smart Grid and broadband subscribers is now available 24 x 7. To reach support, please email us at, or call us at 833.813.2220. Our support services are available 24 x 7. If your power is out, please call Roanoke Electric Cooperative at 800.358.9437 or text "OUTAGE" to 352667. If calling from a landline phone, please insert the number “1” in front of the number.

“This announcement is a significant step forward in our goal to provide the highest degree of support for our Smart Grid subscribers,” said Marshall Cherry, Roanoke Electric Cooperative’s chief operating officer. “By offering support on a 24-hour basis, we are able to help our subscribers take advantage of our network at times convenient for them.”

If you have questions about your invoice or changes to your account, you may reach out to us by calling 252-209-2236 , and selecting Option 3 in the menu.

Service Restored After Power Outage

Portions of the Roanoke Connect network were offline from about 8 p.m. on April 8, 2019, until around 1:30 a.m. on April 9, 2019. Power was turned off to areas served by the Merry Hill substation as crews worked to remove a fallen tree. Once the repairs were complete, power was restored, and the Roanoke Network came back up.

Thank you for your patience, and a salute to the line crews who worked in the darkness and rain to restore power.

Bertie County Gains Another Operational Section of Growing Network

Another neighborhood in Bertie County is ready for installation of the Roanoke Connect Smart Grid and broadband Internet services.

The section of the Roanoke Connect network bounded by Jack Branch Road, Fawn Circle and Vance Lane just east of Lewiston Woodville has been activated; member-owners in that community are encouraged to contact us to schedule service installations. Technically known as Segment 13, this is the 15th portion of the growing network that is now operational.

Don’t delay; let us get you scheduled for service installation right away!

Member-Owners Along Segments 6 and 11 Can Schedule Installations

More great news! Two more pieces of the Roanoke Connect network are up and running. Segments 6 and 11 have been activated, and member-owners desiring Smart Grid energy savings and broadband Internet services are encouraged to contact us to schedule installations.

Segment 6 encompasses Church Lane, Church Lane Extension, Mt. Olive Road, Governors Road and Parkers School Road between Lewiston Woodville and Windsor.

Segment 11 encompasses Old 125 Road, Hwy 481 and Hwy 125 in Halifax County.

The Roanoke Connect team looks forward to hearing from you!

Segment 5 Activation Means More Installations Can Occur

The 12th segment of the Roanoke Connect network is operational. Technicians have activated Segment 5, making it possible for another group of Roanoke Electric member-owners to subscribe to the program’s Smart Grid energy efficiency and broadband Internet services.

Segment 5 covers portions of Governors Road and Mt. Olive Road in Lewiston Woodville and Windsor. For more precise location details, please call 1 (800) 433-2236. Call today to schedule equipment installation in your home so that you too can save money on your utility bill and enjoy the benefits of enhanced Internet service.

Another Segment of Roanoke Connect's Network is Operational

Yet another segment of the Roanoke Connect network is up and running. Segment 12, which consists of Piney Woods Road in Lewiston-Woodville, is operational and ready for the scheduling of home installations.

Additional segments are under development. The Roanoke Connect project team is working diligently to achieve a significant expansion of the system in 2019 over and above the 20 miles of fiber optic technology deployed over the past year. As the Roanoke Connect network expands, more and more member-owners will have the ability to subscribe to the system’s Smart Grid energy efficiency and broadband Internet services.

Make sure you’re registered for the opportunity to benefit from Roanoke Connect. We look forward to hearing from you!

View the Super Bowl online via Roanoke Connect!

Looking for an opportunity to see how Roanoke Connect lets you “increase your choices”? Well, Super Bowl LIII is it!

When the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots square off this Sunday night for pro football supremacy, there will be an array of options to live-stream the event using Roanoke Connect’s broadband Internet service.

Here are two articles that provide details on streaming options, one from the news website Quartz and the other from

Super Bowl LIII Super Bowl 2019 live stream: How you can watch on CBS, CBS All Access, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, more devices

The folks who track these things estimate that Super Bowl LIII will set a new record for online viewership. Last year, more than two million online viewers streamed the Super Bowl, we’re told. Subscribers to Roanoke Connect can now do the same. Enjoy the game!


Overview of Roanoke Connect Network Construction to Date

Questions and comments from member-owners in Roanoke Electric’s service territory keep us keenly aware of the interest throughout our region in the progress of the fiber optic network that the cooperative is constructing. We’re happy to receive this feedback. It confirms the importance of this project to the families, businesses and community organizations in northeastern North Carolina.

We recognize that many member-owners are eager to access the Roanoke Connect broadband Internet and Smart Grid services, and we regret that the complex build-out of the fiber optic network can only be done in a phased manner that makes subscription and installation opportunities available to some member-owners ahead of others.

We are striving to fulfill our commitment to provide service throughout the Roanoke Electric service area as quickly as possible. To date, as promised, we have achieved service installations in Bertie, Gates, Halifax, Hertford and Northampton counties over the past year through the activation of 10 segments. Construction began in April 2018. It will take two to three years to complete.

Please continue to visit this website to stay abreast of segment construction and activation.

Roanoke Connect Activates Its Largest Segment

Segment 25, the largest in the Roanoke Connect fiber optic network, is now live and ready for home installations. The segment consists of Taylor Mill Rd., Hwy 137, Hwy 13, Barfield Rd., Hunter Lane, Little Island Rd., Small Lane and Horton Lane, all located in Eure. It consists of about five miles of deployed fiber and passes approximately 120 homes.

Residents along this segment who subscribe to Roanoke Connect will benefit from the same Smart Grid and broadband Internet services that the network’s construction previously has brought to eight segments that are live and functional.  

The Roanoke Connect program offers subscribers the means to save money and energy with the installation of smart thermostats and water heater control devices. It also improves connections to the larger world via broadband Internet service.

Stay warm, save money and plug in with Roanoke Connect!